Prospect newsletter

The BCA newsletter ‘Prospect’ is delivered free to members by a fabulous network of local volunteers, and copies of the current issue are also available at Rose House priced £2.

There are ten issues a year; the July/Aug and Dec/Jan issues being delivered to every household in Barnes. Regular features include updates on BCA events, local news and events and small adverts.

Please email all Prospect copy and advertisements to by the 10th of the month preceding publication. Prospect is not published in January or August. Copy can only be accepted if sent as a Word attachment or as part of an email. Graphics and photos must be sent as separate file attachments. Photos from mobile phones can only be used if the quality is good enough for commercial printing.

Adverts are charged at £1 per word, minimum £10, lineage only, maximum 30 words. Copy to be submitted by 10th of month with payment to Rose House. The BCA reserves the right to refuse to accept any advert submitted.

Editorial Team: Frances Butler, Mary Evans, Ann MacMillan, Julie Reichman, Gill Spillane, Valerie Patten