Barnes Trail


Barnes is a stunning village with many attractions and sites of interest.  Visitors can find out more about this special village by walking the Barnes trail.

The 2.3 mile trail, and the 3 mile extension, have been designed to show Barnes at its best. The route is circular, so it doesn’t matter where you start – just follow the silver ‘Barnes Trail’ discs set in the ground. If you walk quickly, you can complete the trail in under an hour – but why not take your time, soak up the surroundings, and enjoy the shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants as you go. Even better, use the trail as a starting point to explore more of Barnes.

Historical points of interest such as the riverside, the village pond and common and buildings such as the famous former Olympic Recording Studios are described on information plaques shaped like oars placed along the route. Four ‘introductory’ oars guide visitors at the main public transport locations - the oars feature QR codes for scanning with a QR-code app and smartphone or a tablet equipped with a camera, to access additional information.

A map of the route with illustrations of key sites and buildings guides walkers around the trail. You can pick up a copy of the Barnes Trail map from Rose House, or download it below. This map will guide you around the trail and point out the historical sites of interest along the way.

The Barnes Trail has been funded by the Mayor of London’s Outer London Fund and developed in association with the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the Barnes Community Association.