Volunteers Needed - Barnes in Bloom

Can you spare some time this summer to help Barnes in Bloom?

We have written previously in Prospect about the concerns the RHS continues to report on the loss of front gardens and the dreadful effect that is having on our bio-diversity and health.  The February issue of The Garden again laments the increased loss, now put at 25% nationally, transforming our residential streets from diverse and individualistic mosaics of front garden patches into monotonous, lifeless, grey, paved-over spaces.  We cannot let this happen in Barnes without taking a stand.

We ran a front garden competition in conjunction with last year’s Floral Barnes Fair to bring attention to the worrying loss of these spaces and the results produced several good examples of both fully planted and parked on frontages.

This year we wish to expand on that by recruiting a team of green fingered volunteers to distribute Front Garden ‘Thank you Awards’ to residents who show they are making a positive impact on the street scene.  If you would like to be one of these bearers of glad tidings in your locality then please be in touch with me directly at the contact below.

Clearly the more people we have offering to help then the more streets we can include in this, hopefully covering all SW13 in time.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Text Name & number to: 07983267415