Trustee Candidate Biographies 2018

Jo Dellal

Having lived in Barnes since 1982 I have seen it grow and flourish over time. Great changes have occurred and are still occurring which I would like to be a part of and which I feel I could support.

Professionally I was originally a social worker and then moved to working at a college where, for the time being, I lead a thriving division working closely with several different universities.

As a school governor I am used to scrutinising policies and being part of decision making with regards to the optimum use of funds.

I feel I could bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the Association should I be elected as a Trustee.

Nicki Urquhart

During this term of office I have promoted and developed several activities which enhance the Barnes area and raise awareness of the stealthy loss of front gardens, in line with the concerns of the RHS. I have been the Barnes representative on the Richmond in Bloom committee for 14 years which has given me access to support from the council parks and highways departments in furthering improvements to the public realm. This enabled the re-planting of the three council beds on Church Road, which are now lovely throughout the year from February to December. The planters at Barnes Bridge Station and at the river end of the High Street are funded by the BCA. I have entered Barnes in both Richmond and London in Bloom competitions and obtained Gold in the former and Silver Gilt twice in the latter.

Last year Laurent Residential sponsored me to develop the Front Garden Award which we will repeat in 2018 and at the instigation of the new Chairman of our Environment group, Raphael Younger, I have developed the Barnes Community Gardeners into a group of volunteers willing to help the elderly or infirm keep their frontages in good shape. I communicate regularly with and help our Green Keeper with bulb planting and promote the BCA bloom efforts in the Bugle, Prospect magazine and Prospect Plus online. I also work with the Castelnau Community Centre to further their excellent many projects and will, if re-elected, be the liaison with the Suffolk Road and garden walkway projects.

Mandy Stewart We moved to Barnes 20 years ago and love everything it has to offer. I have a financial background. For many years I was involved and ran the Parents Association at my son’s school, organising events and raising money. I am currently Treasurer for the BCA English School a separate charity operating out of Rose House which offers English lessons to overseas students and I mentor, via the Prince’s Trust, young people looking to set up their own businesses.

I have been a Trustee for the past three years. I have been responsible for supporting the staff and have recently become Chairman of the Fairs. In my time being responsible for the staff I have introduced a more formal basis for managing our BCA staff providing them with appraisals, regular feedback, staff meetings which have been well received by them. I have contributed to implementing new policies and procedures for staff and the BCA operations to make us more efficient as a charity and therefore to supporting the overall BCA cause to support Barnes.

This will be my first year as Chairman of the Fairs. The Fair in July and Food Fair in September are not only big fund raising events for the BCA but wonderful community events which I am proud to be a part of.

I hope to be able to continue in these roles in the future.

BCA Admin