Save the High Street

I am always keen to pilot new initiatives in Barnes and so jumped at this opportunity to work with the brilliant campaign group Save The High Street. Save The High Street is a highly successful industry-wide movement to empower shopkeepers nationwide and to support them to become better connected, digitally enabled and more sustainable. Several of our business locally are already connected with them online.

They are looking to demonstrate how their High Street Manifesto can make a real difference for retailers and, over the next few months, they will be working with Barnes businesses.

We have identified 20 businesses that Save The High Street will work with to analyse how they could improve their businesses by making better use of digital technology. All the other businesses in Barnes will benefit too and Save The High Street has visited them all individually over the last couple of weeks to get them on board.

Alex at Shoenique was delighted when Lynsday from Save The High Street visited him at his shop and took a picture of the store and posted it on Instagram. Such is the national power of Save The High Street that within a few hours hundreds of people had commented on and liked the image. He was amazed and has since signed up to the campaign.

This is a great coup for Barnes and it will be interesting to see the results. I will update you