Pond Pump and Water Levels

You may have noticed pond levels a few inches below normal recently whilst the pond pump has been out of action coupled with a prolonged dry spell. The pump has now been fixed and will continue to pump ground water into the pond until such a time as this supply dries out which often happens during summer. Currently the pond is at the recommended level which is half way up the metal barrier in front of the pump chamber.

Other sources of water are filtered road run off and general rainfall. In an emergency Mains Water can be used but this is of course treated water and not ideal for the pond ecology.

Algal Blooms are likely to occur during hot sunny spells, regardless of the pond levels. They can be unsightly but ecological advice says they should be allowed to run their course. This allows the pond to re-balance its nutrient and acidity levels. In the event of a blue-green algal bloom please keep pets and children out of the water.

Russell Greaves, Barnes Community Association