Parking in Barnes

The next challenge for the Town Team is to work with the Council to tackle the growing problem of traffic congestion on the High Street. There has always been an issue with congestion caused by Sainsbury’s delivery lorries but the situation has got much worse since Marks and Spencer opened. M&S is able to provide very specific information about the timings of its deliveries and these seem to be less of a problem than the issue of shoppers parking on the single yellow lines outside the store. Whilst cars and buses can pass relatively easily in both directions outside Sainsbury’s, this isn’t possible outside M&S and the traffic builds quickly.

The Town Team has been in touch with the Council and with our ward Councillors with a view to addressing the issue of parking and deliveries in the High Street. We clearly need a holistic view of traffic movement and this will involve some surveys of current traffic flow. I will keep you posted on how this project progresses.