22 Bus Campaign Update

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22 bus campaign delivers a promise for better bus connections in Barnes

The 22 bus campaign team, supported by 3300 residents, has persuaded TfL to conduct a review of east/west bus services in Barnes.

Over the last year the campaign team has been pushing for TfL to bring the 22 bus, which comes from Piccadilly and currently terminates at Putney Common, to Barnes. The team gained the support of 3300 residents in a matter of weeks. As a result, TfL’s Managing Director of Surface Transport, Leon Daniels agreed to come to Barnes to respond to the campaign.

At the meeting he indicated that an extension of the 22 bus was unlikely but acknowledged that east/west bus connections are poor and agreed to a review. He also: • committed to conduct a thorough review of public transport in Barnes with results by the end of the year. • did not rule out the 22 extension but thought it unlikely due to cost. • acknowledged the need for a link to Putney and across the river to Fulham especially necessary when Hammersmith Bridge is closed for repairs. • agreed to look to reduce the cost of policing the buses on the bridge as soon as possible and invest this cost into better buses in Barnes. • agreed to a public consultation on temporary changes to bus routes during the closure of Hammersmith Bridge to enable residents to get around and improved links with Putney Bridge links will be part of this review. • agreed to return to Barnes to explain the outcome of the consultation.

You can find a full report of the meeting here: www.bringthe22bustobarnes.com[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]