New BCA website now live!

Thanks to the help of local creative design consultancy Farrah & Pearce the BCA is delighted to launch its new website! It should now be much easier to see what the BCA is up to, how you can get involved, sign up for membership and check out what is happening generally in Barnes. We will of course continue to keep the website updated with photos of BCA events and regular news stories.

Farrah & Pearce is an independent, creative design consultancy based here in Barnes, specialising in products, graphics, branding and more. Sophie and Tom are also helping us to improve our social media skills so look out for an increase in BCA tweets and Instagram posts from now on!

If you don’t follow us on social media yet, please do! You’ll find us on Twitter @barnescommassoc and on Instagram @barnescommunityassociation, @barnesfairs, @barnesdayout and @tcmbarnes.

Sophie Farrah