Charitable Funds Application

Every year surplus funds generated by the BCA are distributed amongst local good causes and organisations such as local schools, centres for the elderly, theatres, Brownies, Guides and Scouts.

If you are seeking funds on behalf of a local community group, charity or not for profit organisation whose activities take place in the local area for the benefit of local people then please complete the form below. Alternatively you can download a printable version to be returned to Rose House for the attention of Julia Bebington.

The BCA Trustees meet monthly and will consider applications made to them within 3 months of the date of submission and provide a response as to whether support will be available or not. Please note that preference will be given to applicants who are current members of the BCA. The BCA reserves the right to seek further information or meet with the organisation prior to making any decision to support the charitable request. Your application will be acknowledged upon its submission via return email. Once a decision has been made, the contact named below will be notified. 

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When do you need the funds by?
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If a charitable request is approved, the recipient confirms the following as a condition of receiving funding: 1. the BCA logo will be displayed on all materials published or notifications made (either by email, social media or in hard copy) relating to the event/sponsorship which the BCA is contributing to; 2. the recipient should provide a report within 2 months after the event/use of the proceeds has occurred to advise how the funding has been spent and the value/benefits received for them from the funding; and 3. the BCA generally runs an annual Societies Day which is an opportunity for all different charities and groups to come together in Barnes to showcase their activities and how they work with, or have received funding by the BCA. The BCA would all those who receive funding to attend the event (minimal cost which would be borne by the recipient). I confirm that we will fulfill the requests as noted above as a condition of receiving funding from the BCA.
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