BCA Barnes Food Fair 2019 Exhibitors

Company                                                 Stall             Location              Website

Avlaki Olive Oil                                         37                 Marquee             www.oliveoilavlaki.com

Barnes Bees                                            24                 Marquee             N/A

BARNES COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 69                 Outside                www.barnes-ca.org

Billytong                                                  50                 Marquee             www.billytong.co.uk

Bitspicy                                                    2                    Marquee             www.bitspicy.com

Bombay2Barnes                                      60                 Outside                N/A

Brasserie Blanc                                       32                 Marquee             www.brasserieblanc.com

Bratwurst brats                                       71                 Outside                www.bratwurstbrats.com

Butternut Box                                          38                 Marquee             www.butternutbox.com

Caffe Piaggio                                           88                 Outside                N/A

Cakehole                                                 76                 Outside                www.cakeholelondon.com

Cello                                                       17                 Marquee             N/A

Ceràmica                                                 36                 Marquee             www.ceramicaplate.co.uk

ChilliDogs                                                64                 Outside                www.chillidogsevents.co.uk

Chocolates by Eloise                                13                 Marquee             www.chocolatesbyeloise.co.uk

Claude & Basil's Epicerie                        6                    Marquee             www.claudebasilsepicerie.co.uk

Cook, Barnes                                           16                 Marquee             www.cookfood.net

Curry Tree                                                54                 Marquee             www.currytree.co.uk

Coromandel Coast                                   55                 Marquee             www.coromandelcoast.co.uk

Domaine of the Bee                                7                    Marquee             www.domaineofthebee.com

Fab Fairs                                                 77                 Outside                N/A

Fabulous Fudge                                       22                 Marquee             N/A

FACE PAINTING                                        78                 Outside                N/A

Finest Fizz                                              87                 Outside                www.finestfizz.biz

Flaming Nora                                         62                 Outside                N/A

Fluffetts Farm                                        12                 Marquee             www.fluffettsfarm.co.uk

Gastro Nicks                                          41                 Marquee             www.gastronicks.co.uk

Gelatorino                                             51                 Marquee             www.gelatorino.com

Great Bakes                                          44                 Marquee             www.greatbakes.co.uk

Greek Souvlaki                                      67                 Outside                N/A

H R Owen Maserati                                90                 Outside                www.hrowen.co.uk

Hawkins Bros                                        27                 Marquee             www.hawkinsbros.co.uk

Homemade Curries                                70                 Outside                N/A

HOLOS London                                      46                 Marquee             www.holoskombucha.com

Home & Hound                                    25                 Marquee             www.homeandhound.com

Humbledough                                      21                 Marquee             www.humbledough.com

Jeffersons brewery                               89                 Outside                www.jeffersonsbrewery.co.uk

Jerk Bar Central                                    86                 Outside                N/A

Jiminy Crickets                                     26                 Marquee             www.jiminycrickets.com

Julia Donna                                          83                 Outside                www.juliadonnadeli.co.uk

KT London                                            9                   Marquee             www.ktlondon.co.uk

La crepe des delices                            68                 Outside                www.lacrepedesdelices.com

Le Petit Moulin Traiteur                        61                 Outside                www.lepetitmoulintraiteur.com

Lotus Direct                                           1                 Marquee             www.lotusdirect.co.uk

Lovely Pasta                                        47                 Marquee             www.lovelypasta.co.uk

Lowther School                                    30                Marquee             www.lowther.richmond.sch.uk

Mama’s Little Rum Cake                       29                 Marquee             www.mamalittlesrumcake.com

Marrakech Kitchen                               74                 Outside                www.marrakech-kitchen.co.uk

Marsdens Confectionery                       11                 Marquee             www.marsdensfudge.co.uk

McCarthy`s Country Store Ltd             81                 Outside                www.mccarthyscountrystore.co.uk

Middle Eastern street food                  65                 Outside                N/A

MissCupcakes                                       5                 Marquee             www.misscupcakes.co.uk

Mugs, Jugs & more                              39                 Marquee             www.mugsjugs.moonfruit.com

Mulata Cuisine                                    66                 Outside                www.facebook.com/mulatacuisine

Oh I say!                                             85                 Outside                N/A

Olio di Piatello                                    14                 Marquee             www.piatello.com

ORANGE PEKOE COCKTAIL TENT         79                 Outside                www.orangepekoeteas.com

Oriental Bite                                       63                 Outside                www.obite.co.uk

Pinkster Gin                                        53                 Marquee             www.pinkstergin.com

Priti’s Indian Vegetarian                       80                 Outside               N/A

Quinta Pupusas                                   82                 Outside               www.quintapupusas.com

Rana’s Delights                                   20                 Marquee             www.ranasdelights.co.uk

Raw Artisan Honey                             31                 Marquee             www.rawartisanhoney.com

Serravinci                                          10                 Marquee             www.serravinci.co.uk

Sheen Pottery                                    19                 Marquee             www.sheenpottery.co.uk

Singha Beer                                       84                 Outside               www.singhabeer.com

So Cosy                                              15                Marquee             www.socosy.co.uk

Stainswick Farm Oil                            43                 Marquee             www.stainswickfarm.co.uk

The Avenue Cookery School                40                 Marquee             www.theavenuecookeryschool.com

The Berlin Doner LTD                          75                 Outside                N/A

The Blue Beer Company Ltd                42                 Marquee             www.neubourgpilsner.com

The Garlic Farm                                  72                Outside                www.thegarlicfarm.co.uk

The Giggly Pig Co                               18                Marquee             www.gigglypig.co.uk

The P S Lambis Co                              45                Marquee             www.pslambis.com

The Real Boar co                                  3                 Marquee             www.therealboar.co.uk

The Cheese Geek                                35                 Marquee             www.thecheesegeek.com

The Wessex Wild Plum Company       4                 Marquee             www.wessexwildplumcompany.co.uk

Urban Village Chocolates Ltd               52                 Marquee             www.urbanvillagechocolates.co.uk

Wellbake                                              8                Marquee             www.wellbake.co.uk

The Wiltshire Liqueur Co                       49               Marquee             www.wiltshireliqueur.com

Wow Savannah Taste                            73               Outside                 N/A