Trustee Skills Summary – Confidential

To help maximize the contribution of Trustees on the BCA so as to enhance how the BCA operates, it is helpful to have a summary of skills and experience. This summary can be used to collect information from individuals who put their names forward to become Trustees as well as individuals who are co-operated on as a Trustee. The information will only be used for the purposes of helping the BCA in supporting the wider Barnes community and will not be distributed other than to the current Trustee body and staff of the BCA. It is not published on any website although some of the information may be drawn from it to supplement a biography submitted to become a Trustee which is subject to a vote by BCA members. When you complete your application, please also provide a summary CV to be sent to You can complete the form below or download a pdf version to be submitted to Julia Bebington at Rose House.

Trustee Skills Summary

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