Town Centre Manager News

The Barnes Town Centre Manager is employed by the BCA to ensure a vibrant economy across the shopping areas of Barnes. The current Town Centre Manager is Emma Robinson and she has been in post since 2012. Emma’s priority was to set up a Barnes Town Team to improve Barnes as a destination and secure the future of our shopping parades. The Barnes Town Team is made up of residents, local businesses, landlords, councillors, and community groups. The Town Team believes that the residents of Barnes should have greater say and influence over what happens locally. Their role is to represent residents’ views and to drive positive change.

The Town Team’s first priority was to get a mandate from residents for their work by creating a vision for the future of Barnes. The Big Barnes Ponder community visioning event, held in 2013, brought together hundreds of residents to share their dreams and aspirations for Barnes. With a vision in place the Town Team has been able to support teams of volunteers to bring about these changes. Projects include initiatives to improve transport locally, including bus and cycle routes, to market Barnes as a destination, to improve access to and visibility of the river as a focal point and to deliver the Barnes Garden Link project.

You will find regular updates and reports on Emma’s work via the links below.