Box Blight

Box Blight is unsightly, but plants will recover if folk have the patience but this is often not the case. Please visit if your garden has been affected.

Pond Pump and Water Levels

You may have noticed pond levels a few inches below normal recently whilst the pond pump has been out of action coupled with a prolonged dry spell.

Filling Our Empty Shops

We have a number of empty sites available for rent across Barnes at the moment. The good news is that there is a lot of interest in any site that becomes available and so there are always options for the landlords.

High Street & River Project

Last year the High Street and river Ponder team persuaded the Council to conduct a feasibility study of the future of the High Street (including the river area at the end of the High Street) Church Road and Station Road.

Parking in Barnes

The next challenge for the Town Team is to persuade the Council to tackle the growing problem of traffic congestion on the High Street.